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Thanks for visiting our new website.  I will save you the standard photographer profile written in third person telling you what a great photographer I am. I will even save you from the portrait of myself staring over some expensive camera gear.  

What makes a photographer today? It seems all you need these days is a DSLR and a few good shots, then all of a sudden you're a photographer...not quite.  A camera doesnt make you a photographer like a hammer doesn't make you a builder.  A photographer has an instinctual pursuit to document the world around them, a particular state of mind, it's a way of thinking and observing everything.  Some photographers don't really know they are photographers, they just shoot and document their way through life always looking for the next shot not looking for the recognition but for the pure purpose of documentation, that's a photographer in my eyes.

My grandfather was a builder but he was also a dedicated photographer.  He took the camera everywhere and was always looking for the next shot.  He had awareness of the world around him and understood how important it was to take the time to document what was happening.  

Personally, I love shooting anything I don't have to manipulate, that's why I enjoy shooting surf.  Ever since I was a kid the power of the surf always fascinated me, this still draws me to shoot the ocean.  I shoot waves because nothing is scripted, it's all happening in front of you, I don't have to do anything except get out of bed.  We observe with the only influence being our lens, position and the time of day.  My ultimate shot these days is the perfect lineup.  These are the jewels in the surf photography world and I would be happy just chasing lineups forever.

What makes an artist?  In my eyes someone creating purely original stimulating visual or audio mind candy. I don't consider myself an artist, for me nature is the artist I am just telling a small story from one angle at one little moment in time.  I don't create the magic I use a camera to capture what was already there.  

Hope you enjoy the images, any questions flick me an email.


Nigel Arnison